Who we are

The Wichita Burners, are a Burning Man inspired recreational group based in Wichita, Kansas. Established in 2008, we welcome the experienced burner and unfamiliars alike. We are a not-for-profit unincorporated association organized exclusively for social and recreational purposes.

Board Members

  • Adam Smith, President
  • Shaun Keller, Vice President
  • Jared Seery, Secretary
  • Chris Leslie, Treasurer
  • Stephen Reading, Floating Officer
  • Tiffany Payton, Floating Officer

2016 Leads

  • Gate: Tiffany, Bridget and Sterling
  • Education: Mac, Jose and Raven
  • Ice: Asrah
  • Medic: Dinavase, Butterbutt, Ashley, Alex turner and Blake
  • Ranger: Adam, Shaun and Aaron
  • Doozer: Pirate Steve
  • Fast: Spice Pirates
  • Procession: JB and Ren
  • Parking: Hunter and Nacho
  • Sound: Frequency
  • Earth: Kristin and Kristy
  • Sanctuary: Medic/Ranger Leads
  • Placement: Ender and Rojo
  • Effigy: Rojo
  • ECs: Shaun, Mr. Science and Board
  • Web/Media: injunTrubl

Articles of Inc

  1. The name of the Association shall be The Wichita Burners.
  2. The address of the The Wichita Burners office is the address of the Association Chairperson.
  3. The Wichita Burners is a not-for-profit unincorporated Association organized exclusively for social and recreational purposes.
  4. This Association adheres to the same philosophy and spirit as the Burning Man Organization and the other formal Burner organizations around the world. In fact, our statement of values paraphrases the statement of principles on the Burning Man Organization’s website (http://www.burningman.com). However, this Association operates independently of the Burning Man Organization and other Burner organizations.
  5. Membership in The Wichita Burners is limited in the following ways:
    • A member must be at least 18 years of age.
    • A member must be committed to all of the 10 principles of the Association.
    • A member must remain active by participating in at least one Wichita Burners event per year.
  6. This Association makes decisions by general consensus. The Association Chair confirms the general consensus.
  7. The Wichita Burners’s net income will be used to accomplish the Association’s purposes that are set out in Article Three. The Wichita Burners will not use its net income to personally benefit any of its members, trustees, officers, or other private persons except to compensate them for services and to make payments that further this Association’s purposes.

No substantial part of the Association’s activities will be propaganda efforts, attempts to influence legislation, or participation or intervention in any political campaign for public office (including the publishing or distribution of statements).

This Association will not, except to an insubstantial degree, do anything that does not further this Association’s purposes.

  1. When this Association disbands, the assets shall be distributed for one or more exempt purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(7) of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any future federal tax code. The assets may also be distributed to the federal government, or to a state or local government, for a public purpose. Any such assets not so disposed of shall be disposed of by a Court of Competent Jurisdiction of the county in which the principal office of the Association is then located, exclusively for such purposes or to such organization or organizations, as said Court shall determine, which are organized and operated exclusively for such purposes.

Meeting Minutes

Link to Board Meeting Minutes