Who we are

Wichita Burners is organized and operated as a not for profit corporation exclusively for charitable, educational and artistic purposes.

2022 Board Members
President: Emma Jones (Eve)
Vice President: Stephen "Pirate Steve" Reading
Secretary: Finn Barker
Treasurer: Charlie "Nurse Joy" Scheele
Floating Officer: Jennifer Roskam

2022 Department Leads

  • Gate/Parking: Alex Buck
  • Education: Charlie Scheele
  • Medic: Jenn Roskam
  • Ranger: Taryn Ivy
  • Doozer: Pirate Steve
  • Procession: Chazzy
  • Earth Guardians: Abby Turner
  • Sanctuary: Medics
  • Placement: Joe Leiker (Sunshine)
  • Web/Media: Eve
  • Quartermaster: Pirate Steve
  • Lamplighters: Shay Donner
  • Art Grants: ???
  • F.A.S.T Shaun Keller

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Meeting Minutes


Afterburn / Financials